About The Go to Recruiter

Best Recruiter In Sioux Falls

The Go to Recruiter is employed by a 30 years old family-owned executive search firm Gpac based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, filling key positions with companies nationwide. Like you, I'm dedicated to results. As one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the world, with 700+ team members and growing, we fill ...

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How We Work For You

First of all, here at The Go to Recruiter, we understand that the people we place will impact your organization for many years. That's why we listen and get to know you, matching not only the skillset but also the cultural fit of all talents. We strive to find the best options by focusing on passive candidates ...
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Our Candidates

We want to bring you people you will hire and those you need in a timely manner at all levels: permanent, contract, contingency, and retained. Not only that, but we focus on matching candidates with the right skill set to your company, as well as those who are ready to make a change, have a proven track record, ...
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