Getting to Know Gpac

Getting to Know Gpac

Getting to Know Gpac

Who is gpac?  

  • An executive search firm that has been filling key positions with companies nationwide since 1990. 
  • Family-owned, built on a solid foundation with 100% honesty, integrity, and character. 
  • Dedicated to results. We are here for the long haul. We are not here to waste your time.
  •  700+ team members / we fill over 400 positions per month. Ranked as one of the largest recruiting firms in the world. More than 16,000 placements since 1990. 
  • Employers hire us to work as an extension of their organizations. We are the eyes and ears in the industry. Good people are hard to find. 
  • Our expertise is the entire search and placement process, regardless of industry. Craft first. 
  • We place all levels of individuals – Permanent and Contract Placements; Contingency and Retained.
  •  Ability to work horizontally and vertically, throughout your company, filling any needs you may have. 
  • Provide the highest level of service and professionalism.
  •  We want you to think of gpac as an extended team member of your organization, focused on recruitment.

How gpac works for you

  • We partner with companies who have critical need positions, which they are unable to fill through their own efforts. 
  • Companies hire us to find the best. We focus on passive candidates, not the active candidates that everyone knows about already. 
  • gpac spends the time initially with your team to completely understand your organization and your current needs. 
  • We want to get to know you and your company; we listen to what you are looking for, and match not only the skillset but also the cultural fit. 
  • gpac focuses on the hidden market, finding the top talent in the 10-20% of gainfully employed individuals who are not ‘looking’ for a job but are looking for the right opportunity. 

The candidates we bring have: 

  • The right skillset
  • Ready to make a change
  • Proven track record
  • Relistic Expectations
  • Mutual Respect

  • We want to bring you people you will hire and those you need, in a timely manner. 
  • How? Proactively, each recruiter strives for 80-100 calls per day, to find the “best of the best.” Important that the people we place will impact you for many years. 
  • In our line of work, relationships, trust, and respect are all earned, and they need to be earned every day. 
  • We want to ‘hit the cover off the ball’ with the people we present to your company. 

Service Charge Structure

  • Equation is simple - it is a win/win environment. No one wins unless gpac finds exactly what you are looking for. There is no fee associated with arranging interviews and qualifying candidates. 
  • gpac’s service charge is 33 1⁄3% of the first year's compensation, only applicable if you hire someone. This service charge is due on start date and comes with a 30-day replacement guarantee.

Areas Covered

Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah

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